Jo Maidment was on UK television show This Morning in 2010 where she revealed she and her husband were unable to receive free fertility treatment because her husband had a child from a previous marriage.

Today, Ms Maidment reappeared on the show, and with the blessing of Michael’s family, explained how the singer anonymously decided to help her.

“Two days later (after appearing on the show in 2010) I got a call from a PA who said a business man would like to donate,” she said. The couple initially didn’t want to agree to the help, but Michael’s PA “was adamant that’s what the ‘businessman’ wanted.”

“I didn’t believe it at first…that doesn’t happen to us, things like that don’t happen,” Ms Maidment said.

“He wanted us to have a baby. That’s all we knew.”

The singer paid for the first round of IVF, and when it resulted in miscarriage, he anonymously sent flowers to the couple.

In 2012, Ms Maidment used frozen embryos from the first round of treatment and gave birth to a baby girl which the pair called Betsy.

After her birth, Michael sent a congratulations card revealing his identity.

“Me and my husband might have read it hundreds of times,” Ms Maidment said.

This is the second time it’s been revealed the singer helped a couple in need – a British woman on Deal or Deal also received an anonymous donation to have IVF from Michael.


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