Though surrogacy is a great experience for everyone involved, there are also the cons, that come along with the pros. Of course, benefits of this phenomena outweigh all possible drawbacks. But it’s not mean, that you may ignore cons completely. Here are the list of advantages and disadvantages that will help you to decide if surrogacy is the optimal way in your case.

Pros of Surrogate Mother

  1. The mainest benefit of surrogacy is the fact that this procedure gives a chance to have a baby for couples who are suffer from infertility or gay couples.
  2. The first aim for any reputable assisted reproductive and surrogacy agencies is the surrogate mother gives birth to a healthy child. So, if you have decided to become a surrogate mother, you will be fully examined and your health will be carefully monitored.
  3. Competent psychologists will be providing you with psychological support: you do not have to overcome the psychological problems alone.
  4. An added bonus could be the fact that you will work with a team of highly qualified doctors, who make someone’s dreams come true: modern technologies are rather advanced and the possibility of success outcome is very high.

Cons of Surrogacy

  1. Surrogacy is complicated so you must carefully choose your professional team who will guide you through the surrogacy journey;
  2. Cost of surrogate mother services is very expensive. To hire a surrogate mother, you will need 30-50 thousand dollars. In addition, some couples sign a contract according to which they undertake to partially pay for food and accommodation of their surrogate mother. If complications arise, the surrogate mother will suffer material damage, since she is not able to work for some time.
  3. You will not be able to carefully monitor the pregnancy: you have to rely on a surrogate mother, and the professionalism of the medical staff, who you work with.
  4. There are often problems with family and friends. This also applies to prospective parents and the surrogate mother. Many difficulties appear in order to explain surrogate motherhood to your close people.
  5. The laws of surrogacy in different countries and even within the same country may vary. Therefore, it is desirable to find a competent lawyer who will help you understand the intricacies of the law. For example, in Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark only non-commercial surrogacy is permitted. And in Germany, France and Italy surrogacy is illegal.
  6. You must not forget that any pregnancy is the risk. Women’s health is being seriously tested during this period. In addition, the surrogate mother should consume a variety of drugs that help the body to prepare it for pregnancy. This may adversely affect the health of the surrogate mother.
  7. There is always a risk of emotional attachment of a surrogate mother to the unborn child. Even if the surrogate mother considers a relationship with a couple exclusively from a business point of view. If you can already find a few excuses in order not to give the child in the legal family, surrogacy is not for you.

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