The journey to create a family has taken many intended parents outside their own country in search of surrogacy arrangements. We understand how difficult it can be to entrust the most important event in your life to someone you don’t even know. We understand that some couples have already been through a difficult journey of IVF treatments and disappointments. However, surrogacy is a big commitment, not only for the surrogate mother but also for the intended parents. Complete and reliable information is absolutely necessary to help intended parents avoid coercion and heartbreak while pursuing their goal of forming a family.


How can intended parents be sure their egg donor and gestational carrier are being cooperative during the medication stage when they are preparing for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer? There has been so much invested by this time, financially and emotionally, the fear of a cycle being disrupted because of an error is looming over intended parents. When dealing with human beings, it is impossible to guarantee everyone will do what they are told, or that no mistakes may happen. We must remember that we are dealing with women who understand the commitment they’ve entered into, and understand the struggles of their intended parents. They have been educated and screened by their agency, the psychologist, and the fertility center staff. There are legal contracts involved for this process as well. The egg donors and gestational carriers are monitored very closely by the team professionals involved with this journey and they have all the support they need.

There is a flood of emotions in the beginning and there is a flood of emotions at the end. Taking away as much doubt and concern is very important, and choosing the right professionals to help with this journey will allow intended parents to feel comfortable with their decision and prepare for parenthood.


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